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Banks, Cluster Bombs and the Rare Argument for more Bureaucracy

After being bailed out by the taxpayer, banks have been spending a lot of time (and money) to try and convince the public that they have a sense of moral and corporate responsibility. Natwest paraded people around the country and built a few cricket pavilions in the mantra of ‘helpful banking’. HSBC scoured the globe in order to … Continue reading

Social Media and No Need For a Knee-Jerk Response

In an attempt to install confidence in the wake of England’s riots David Cameron implied that measures would be granted to restrict people’s use of social media when “we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality”. Firstly, prohibiting social media in such a manner does not conflict with any human rights issues.Kate Allen, Director … Continue reading

After the Tottenham Riots – Fractures to fissures in ‘Broken Britain’

I doubt that when he envisaged the ‘Big Society’ David Cameron was wishing for the type of community action that took place in Tottenham on August 6th. It seems that large scale public disturbances are becoming a trademark of his stewardship, from the violence at the University fees protests, to rioting in Bristol and now Tottenham. While … Continue reading

The Death Penalty: An American Case Study

In the UK the issue of capital punishment has reared its ugly head again. The are corners which have called for its return to the UK justice system. This blog looks across the pond to argue against such an action. As of 2010 thirty-five states in America still used the death penalty compared with 15 … Continue reading

In response to Melanie Phillips: The importance of obsessiveness

To whomever has lived in the cave (or does not possess a twitter account). There is an ongoing feud between Sunny Hundal and Melanie Phillips, the former pointing out glaring holes in latter’s recent articles and the latter claiming that the former is ‘obsessive’ for doing so. This is a blog defending obsessiveness. Melanie Phillips wields the … Continue reading

When the EDL invaded Plymouth

On the 9th of July there were two marches. One was by the far-right English Defence League (EDL) protesting against the expansion of a local Mosque and a perception of an influx of Sharia Law. The second was by the self explanatory United Against Fascism (UAF) and billed itself as a “multicultural celebration of diversity”. … Continue reading

Proposed ‘Human Rights Bill’ in Zimbabwe is a farce.

The proposed Human Rights Bill in Zimbabwe, while showing glimpses of promise, is marred by omissions. Firstly the good news. The bill recognises the necessity of independence from government  interference; “Neither the State nor any person, body, organ, agency or institution belonging to or employed by the State, a local authority or otherwise, shall interfere with, hinder or … Continue reading

Right Wing Press Adopt Palin Defence

I will not name the person who committed the atrocities in Oslo,  his name should be shunned and left to rot in the annals of history. In five, ten, twenty years time we should be remembering the victims and the families, not the man who tore them apart. Nonetheless the connections and responses from the … Continue reading


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